#1. When does the 5 hours start?

The 5 hours start on your “start time” which is typically when your guests arrive. Here are a couple of examples on how this may look on a wedding day.

Here is a Reception Only option:

  • Ceremony Start Time – 4:00
  • Ceremony End Time – 4:30
  • Guests Arrive at Reception – 5:00
  • Reception End Time – 10:00

In this scenario the 5 hours would be from 5:00-10:00.

Here is a Ceremony and Reception option:

  • Ceremony Start Time – 4:00
  • Reception End Time – 9:00

In this scenario the 5 hours would be from 4:00-9:00. The music for the seating of the guests before the Ceremony (3:30-4:00) would be free of charge.

#2. Is there an extra charge if you provide music and microphones for the ceremony?

No. Unlike many DJ companies that charge hundreds of dollars extra to deejay a ceremony, I do not, providing that the ceremony falls within the 5 hours of total time. (See examples in question #1)

#3. Am I expected to tip the DJ?

Expected…no. Appreciated…yes.

#4. Am I expected to include you in the dinner numbers?

No, you are not expected to feed me. However, dinner is appreciated as I will be going full steam ahead until the end of the night. The majority of dinners at today’s receptions are buffets. In those cases I am usually able to grab a quick bite after all of your guests have gone through the line. In the case of a plated dinner the caterer will need to know whether you are including the DJ and Photographer.

#5. How many times can we sit down in person to plan our wedding?

There is no limit on the number of face to face meetings. Most of the information can be handled over the phone or through email but many brides and grooms prefer to sit down and talk through the details. I work hard to make myself available as much as possible even though I cover a large area and matching up schedules can be difficult.

#6. What is the deposit and when is it due?

The deposit is $100 and is due when the agreement is signed. The balance is due two weeks before the date of the event.

#7. I’m thinking of having a backyard wedding. Do you do outside events as well as indoor?

Yes. As long as there is access to reliable power I can do an outdoor event. I recommend having a tent or covering of some sort as Mother Nature is not always aware of our plans.

#8. Do you just do weddings or can you DJ my company’s Christmas Party or my church’s Daddy/Daughter Dance?

Any event that can benefit from music is one I can do. I have deejayed many different types of events including Christmas parties, Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances, Birthdays, Graduation Parties, School Dances, Sales Rallies, Fundraising Events, Church Events, Pool Parties and more. If you have an event coming up please give me a call and we can talk about how to make it a great success.