How Much Will It Cost?


Pricing should be simple and that’s what I have strived to do for you. I do not do Ala Carte pricing or a ton of add ons. When I DJ a wedding I give 100%. I never give less to a bride for any reason. 

With that in mind, I have one price. That price reflects everything I bring and everything I do for my clients at their event. I don’t discount my price because I don’t discount my service. A bride will not turn around and wonder why she paid “X” more than another bride and feel as if she had been taken advantage of. This rationale may be out of the ordinary but then so is Unlimited DJ Service.

For weddings – up to 5 hours is $1100.

All of the event pricing includes the following:

  • Up to 5 hours from your “start time”
  • Emcee for Entire Event
  • Full Range of Music for All Tastes
  • Pre-Event Coordination and Assistance
  • Coordinator Duties Throughout Event
  • Wireless Microphone for Toasts, Speeches, etc.
  • High Quality Sound
  • “Dance” Lights
  • Travel Time
  • Set Up Time
  • Breakdown Time

Check out the FAQ page for more answers as well. I look forward to speaking with you about providing Unlimited Service, Unlimited Fun and Unlimited Memories for your event.